Laser Nail Fungus Removal – $299 (Includes Two Sessions)

A laser treatment to all ten toenails to diminish fungus, treat discoloring, and correct nail thickness.

The following, more invasive laser treatments are performed by Dr. Joseph Rucker:

Microlaser Peel – $1,500

A laser treatment to the outer skin layer great for treating skin damage resulting in premature skin wrinkling and possible pigmentation problems.

Microlaser Peel BA

Profractional Laser – $1,000

A quick and comfortable laser treatment with little downtime used for treating wrinkles, scars, and sun damaged skin.

Profractional BA

Weekend Peel Package – $2,000

Consists of 1 microlaser peel and 1 profractional laser. This treatment can be done on a Thursday or Friday, allowing you to return to work on Monday.

Weekend Peel BA

Vascular Laser – $500 (1st 15 Minutes)

Treatment of spider and facial veins.

Pelleve BA